Enclume pot rack

It's Monday again and it's the second to the last Monday of this month and soon it will be August? How fast the time flies. Just like the grandkids of my DH last Saturday was Aaron's open house and the other week was Adam's open house and that's it we are so done with open house for all the grandkids. I hope weddings will not start too soon, not yet haha. The turn out was pretty good the party started at 3:00 pm and it lasted till 3:00 am and thankfully we never run out of food!! I cooked 2 kinds of dessert, 3 main dish and 2 kinds of salads. Of course it was all very good! Thankfully, my step-daughter brought to my house her enclume pot rack  and it helps me organize all my cooking prowess.
And as soon as I arrived at her house with all the cooked dishes. We started to cooked more dishes and thankfully there were more help to asked. She had this brass plated enclume pot racks hanging and it looks very gorgeous in her beautiful kitchen. I don't know about others but if the kitchen is organize and the gadgets and the pots and pans are pretty it seems that it is very easy to do the cooking ^_^. Well that is what is happening at my step-daughters house though we are so pressured to finished all the dishes on time but the brass plated enclume potracks that she got makes me inspired. 


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