Furniture make over

I like watching tv shows on how they make over houses, how they arrange furniture, how they choose accessories, how they choose the paint  and clean houses. I found very horrifying that some people can't get rid off  their dilapidated furniture because it was given to them by their grandparents or parents. LOL! Of course, if their is a material things that is given to us by our loved us we love to keep it and take care of it. But if it also need to be tossed in the dumpster because it's a sore eyes and dilapidated why cry? hehe! 
Anyhow, can't blame to some people some are very attach to things anyway. But I found that investing a very durable modern furniture is worth it. Come to think of it, do we all the time buy a furniture for our living rooms, bedrooms, tables and closets? Nope right? I remember when hubby and I decided to get our bedrooms  furniture and the living rooms sofa, he told me it should not be just the cheap one because that would be a forever furniture haha. Now I agree to his idea that we should invest a very good furnitures because since we got our furnitures we don't have a problem and still does look new. 


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