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An OPEN wood bridge

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what a beautiful shot! I'll bet it's nice and cool inside that bridge!
noel said…
aloha kim

very cool shot, love the interpretation of this weeks theme. thanks for sharing
Alice Audrey said…
And here I thought those were "enclosed" wooden bridges. :)

My PhotoHunt is here
julie said…
What a lovely open and enclosed bridge :D
ipanema said…
i love to see one of these though we have lots of wooden bridges in our rural areas.

great choice!

Happy Fourth!:)
Dianne said…
Bridges like this are few and far between. Great shot!
Thanks for stopping by my blog too.
Love old bridge but I have to confess I get a little nerves when one goes across great take on theme.
Thanks for stop in earlier.
JO said…
nice shot.

Mine's up -- My son, out in the open sea, swimming with the dolphins.
Luna Miranda said…
that's an amazing covered bridge.
oh, I have Sunday Bridges today.
fredamans said…
An open bridge, great idea!!!
Jama said…
Beautiful bridge! that's something one can never find here in urban Singapore.
MJ said…
nice! Where is it? Thanks for visiting me also :)
zhabeehoon said…
the huge wooden bridge is a structure that i do not get to see here...enclosed by open...good take on this week's theme.

thank you visiting my site :)
Andrée said…
Well now, you surprised me here. I always thought New England had the only covered bridges. How small-minded of me! Your bridge is a beautiful example of a covered bridge. Great take on the theme.
Frances said…
Covered bridges are so practical and pretty.
I love the weathered wood - it tells stories.
Thanks for taking the time to come visit me.
Kari said…
interesting bridge. lovely photo.

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