Just got home from  Frankenmuth they had a fireworks there but hubby and I didn't stay to watch because we think the traffic will be bad after that. Anyway, tomorrow here in my place there will be a firework display and we are going to a my DH granddaughter's house for a cook out and  a bon fire too. 
While we were at Frankenmuth walking around and I taking pictures we saw my DH nieces and there kids. What a small world after all huh! Stacy who graduated nursing last December already worked at one of the hospital in Flint and she did really like her worked and she even think about pursuing masters degree in nursing, good for her. I told her about my niece who is also studying nursing and I asked her where she  bought here  nursing scrubs and scrub hats. So she told me the website right away and told me that she likes to buy in this online store because the material that they used is durable and aside from that there  a lot of colors you can choose from. I told her my niece like the blue sky scrubs because that is what is required from there school. And just now I already checked the online store and it has indeed a lot of nursing uniforms and medical scrubs to choose from.
I myself is very impressed of there product. It would for sure make my niece look more prettier  and I guess it will also make her feel better to work even in a the most unforgivable shift hehe.


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