Fashion games

Before hubby and I went to church this morning I was able to chat with my niece. She kept on messaging me but since we slept very last last night I didn't see her message right away. Anyhow, when I checked my chat log I had a message and she is waiting for me. So we chatted and she told me that the site about Fashion games that I so like to play is what she is playing right now and also my two other nieces. 
Well last night after we came from my DH granddaughter's cook out, here in our place we also had  a  bonfire with my BIL family as well. Had to hurry up and prepare chocolates, marshmallows and crackers for the s'mores and hot dogs.  We gathered around the fire and heard the firecrackers from the surrounding area, while the mosquitoes kept on biting on us too, geez! Then Stacy say something about a game site that she discovered and it's Fashion games!! Yup I told her right away that I too like it because it has a lot of games that you like to choose from and  it's FREE and you can keep on coming back because you can't get enough! I am just loving it.


Wow, you have been hooked too with Facebook online games. Many of my blogger friends have been hooked on them. I can not play them even if I wanted to because my time in our computer is very limited because my children are also using it, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
Janice said…
Fashion games are really very good to play and creative. For those games we need a sharp creative mind.

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