Women's pajamas

Hey gals and girls are you a kind of person who likes to sleep with your pajama's or nothing at all? In the Philippines where I grew up I used to wear pajamas every night though it's hot sometimes, because of the mosquitoes!! Yes! Even if we have mosquito net but still  mosquitoes are too clever they could wiggle themselves inside. My mama always told us to wear pajamas. 
Anyway, today hubby and I as early as the bird went to the store to look for  women's pajamas because tomorrow is Christy's open house and she is going to college and I was thinking giving her a comfortable and colorful womens pajama is just appropriate to use whens she go to college this September. I was browsing the store but couldn't find that fits her personality. She is jolly kind of lady about to plunge in college life and I want her to look good and feel good. We were at the store when my DH niece called me and tell me that to buy women's pajamas and get a good quality I have to go online. So we immediately came home and look at it at the internet and oh gush I was mesmerize by how beautiful the lind of women's pajamas this website has to offer. So I bought two for Christy for her open house tomorrow. 


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