Well tomorrow hubby and I are going to an open house to my BIL's granddaughter open house her name is Christy. She is a good kid and she is a volleyball player in her school. Yesterday, we were at their house to check some of the things that will be needed tomorrow and we had a ball at her house because she showed us her Lockers for sale sign that she is going to put in her soon to be School locker when she get to college this September. And oh boy she was so excited for she is going to MSU. 
Since I came here in the US and meet the relatives of my hubby I am impressed by his family. Not a single kid are going wayward or not having a bad job everyone is hardworking, studious and just really good people. Some do love sports and when we are together in our family brunch time every Saturday morning they do talked about their new assigned Gym lockers. Some got a wood lockers  and some don't. But no matter what they do love to go to school and this year we have to attend three open houses!! Well that is nothing compared last few years ago that we attended four or five open houses and we didn't even go to some, gush! 


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