Pelican cases

This morning as we were heading home after grocery shopping we passed a traffic accident. Hubby noticed immediately a police car coming from the north direction and we immediately pull over to the side to let the police car fast, well that is a rule right? Anyhow, even if we are bit far from the accident area we could see flashing lights from the police care and ambulance. So hubby redirect his driving we enter a subdivision to avoid traffic. Then I asked hubby if those cops are trained to drive fast without bumping other cars and hubby said maybe. Because they just run so fast it's kind of scary sometimes. Then I remember my brother he one time asked me to check for Pelican Cases, I don't know nothing about it so I check it online. I found out it's a strong case and durable for military, cops or any kind of use that you think you need to secure your important belongings. He wanted it so much so I told him maybe I will buy that one for him someday ^_^.


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