Wake board

It's almost the end of the month and the month of July is the epitome of Summer for me! Although today is not too hot and it's a bit chilly but hubby and I managed to walk around the hay field that was freshly cut. I think I walked almost a mile just around the field and I told hubby I am done with my exercise today, lol! Anyhow, my DH grandson just bought a new Liquid Force wakeboard, he is the one who graduated high school two weeks ago. He do compete motor cross but now he is changing his sports to wake boarding which is for me cool but then here in MI we don't have a beach like the one down south. But then he told his grandpa that he is going this summer to Florida to try his new sports. He is good in snowboarding and he thinks he can do it with wake boarding too. Well, will see if he is good in his new found sports. My DH just told him to be careful and not too aggressive or pushing himself in playing the sports. 


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