Living Alone Gives Me a feeling of Independence

Post written by Wendy Fraga

I just started living alone last summer and I have to say I was not expecting it to be so distressing. I moved out of my parent’s home to live on my own because I thought 25 was a little old to be living at home. Sometimes I wish I could move back in with them, especially when I hear things at night that I cannot figure out what they are. I didn’t know I was such a wuss. 
All this time I thought I was pretty self sufficient and I have been for the most part but I found out that I am a bit afraid of the night time at home alone. I decided to look for Cleveland home security systems and found a great setup.
I have to tell you that now I am feeling much safer in my home and that gives me a feeling of independence I haven’t felt in all the time I have been in my home. I am so proud of myself that I took the step to do something that was so simple and made such a big difference in my life.


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