Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's on your nightstand?

Last Friday, hubby helped me cleaned the bedroom. Well he is not the one vacuuming and dusting but helped me push and lift the furnitures. Because I couldn't do it alone the bedroom furnitures are just too heavy for me now. We are having fun doing it the mind of a man in terms of arranging and cleaning is not as apt with the woman's mind. I asked him if he likes to change the bed arrangement and he will only tell me it's up to me, gush I need some inspiration too lol!! Anyway, we ended up changed the arrangement in all the bedroom furnitures. The two bedroom nightstand is  a bit off specially on his side but I manage to get a good place of the old bedroom nightstand that is on his side. Well now I do like how our bedroom looks like and who knows maybe next year I am going to arrange it again, lol!!

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