What's on your nightstand?

Last Friday, hubby helped me cleaned the bedroom. Well he is not the one vacuuming and dusting but helped me push and lift the furnitures. Because I couldn't do it alone the bedroom furnitures are just too heavy for me now. We are having fun doing it the mind of a man in terms of arranging and cleaning is not as apt with the woman's mind. I asked him if he likes to change the bed arrangement and he will only tell me it's up to me, gush I need some inspiration too lol!! Anyway, we ended up changed the arrangement in all the bedroom furnitures. The two bedroom nightstand is  a bit off specially on his side but I manage to get a good place of the old bedroom nightstand that is on his side. Well now I do like how our bedroom looks like and who knows maybe next year I am going to arrange it again, lol!!


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