Running squirrel

Before the barn cats came to our barn and multiply a lot we had 7 squirrels in our front yard and sometimes I see rabbits. When the barn cats dominated the entire property I could only see at least one but the squirrel won't stay long. The squirrel knew that cats are around and maybe to avoid bloody war the squirrel just go across the road and live there. This one I captured him trying to get away from "somebody" and you know who ^_^

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He is running from something. They can be ferocious if they need to be.
Jan said…
Wow, what a great action shot. Great job.
Ralph said…
Perhaps the squirrel is taunting the resident kitties, figuring that he can climb out of harms way faster than a cat. A strategy full of danger, but to each squirrel his own...
Paula Scott said…
LOL! A squirrel on the run! Who'd a thought?!?
Ralph might have a good point; perhaps they are taunting the cat(s)!
Sylvia K said…
Oh, I love the squirrel!! What a great capture! Yep, think Ralph may have a good point, I've seen them do my cats that way when I still had cats. Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!

Bounding and leaping,
O squirrel, are you keeping
away from your foe?

Shadowy Pergola
What a great shadow shot..I would run too, knowing cats might be after me..Great how you caught the little squirrel in action.
Happy SSS.
Martha Z said…
He's running out of the shadows into the light. He would be smart to run back into the shadow where he is harder to see.
Patti said…
What a fun capture! I also think my hubby has a point..the squirrel is taunting the cats.

Thanks for stopping by today ;-)

Have a good week.
What a great shot. He certainly looks like he is running from something.
EG Wow said…
How cool that you caught the squirrel in that position!
Sweet Repose said…
My squirrels love to tease Scratchy when she's in her pen, but when she prowls the hood, they know they're boundaries in Scratchy's world...or they're toast!!!
Beverley Baird said…
What a great shot! He's definitely on the run!
Rajesh said…
Fantastic capture, lovely timing.
toby said…
That is a great shot! Your plush grass looks very welcoming :)
Hot Fudge said…
I think Mr Squirrel has taken tango lessons - what a mover!
Carin said…
WOW what an action shot! He looks frightened!
BLOGitse said…
"Look at me! I can run and jump at the same time! This is fun!!!"

SSS greetings from rainy and cold (+10 C) Helsinki, Finland!

What a funny picture! We have TONS of squirls at my house...I live across from a park. Those squirls think they rule the roost...guess I'd better get some cats to shoo them away :)
Have a lovely week!
Leora said…
What a sweet leaper! Clever one.
Sheri said…
Awesome shot! Look at him go!
Stephani said…
You sure caught that guy in action! I participated in SOOC for the first time today. I think it's a good challenge to help take better pictures right from the get go!
gengen said…
Great shot of the little guy hehhe. Happy SOOC Sunday.
Sherrie said…
We have two little dogs and the squirrels have learned to stay away from them. Great picture! Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff
fredamans said…
Amazing shot! Great action!
Carletta said…
Cute shot!!
Sounds like he might want to stay in the shadows. :)
Cassie said…
I LOvE this Shadow Shot!! That squirrel is so ful of joy!!
Great photo!
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