Pontoon Boat cover

Last week my DH's children were here at the house for a Father's day cook out. They started this gathering I think two years ago and I kind of like it because they will clean the yard and the old barn. The last time they plant evergreen and clean my flower garden hehe, how lucky I am huh! This time since it was the day after we had a storm they cleaned up the yard since there are a lot of branches that fell down. The big thing that they tried to clean up is the boat. Yup, hubby had a boat in the old barn but he didn't cover it with Pontoon Boat cover that is why it is dusty and dirty. I told her one time that he had to cover it so he would not spend much money to do the repair. A cover can make  a difference in making the property do look good and to avoid another expense for repairs. Now he tries to cover it with some tarp but it didn't cover it all, he need Pontoon Boat cover ^_^


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