Pamper yourself

I think every one of us need to pamper ourselves at least once a month. Well I am not talking about shopping, well for some it's pampering themselves but for me pampering myself is going to spa. More so if it is about making your body detoxifying those toxic in your body. We were at Macphees restaurant for an open house dinner when the topic of pampering and going to spa came out in our conversation. Then somebody says that a healthy colon makes you healthy too. I think everybody in the table agreed to the theory because if you are constipated all the time you don't feel good right? Anyhow, this cousin of DH who flew to California just to pamper herself went to Colonics Los Angeles. As a result she feels so good she said that she wanted to visit there at least once a year. She encourage everyone of us that we have to visit there and experience what she experience. For me I do believe that having a good spa is really a good thing and that is why we have to save money for that pampering next year. ^_^ Happy weekend!


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