Moving on

I was in this huge subdivision today as I was garage sale-ing close to my area and I stopped in this beautiful sprawling house and looked for stuff that I think would be nice but cheap. I found out 4 big Corningware dishes with cover for $4 then I bought their huge pyrex salad bowl for a $1. The owner was nice enough to put all the dishes in box and cover it with thin paper. Since the box is so heavy the husband carry it for me going to the car. As we headed to my car the husband told me that the are moving out and that they had to let go many of their stuff. You see it's not cheap to move out from state not even in your area, it takes a lot of money, time and effort  to do it. Hubby came out from the car and help him unload the box and they talked for a little while. Their house is so pretty and four of their neighbors property are also for sale. He told us that they are heading to San Diego, California and that a San Diego moving company is on the way to get their stuff. It was a good deal that they found a moving company who take good care of their customer. As I have said it's not easy to move out, not just by the pain of losing your home but also for taking care of the stuff that for them they already are attached for many years. So as we parted, we wish their family a happy trip and that in another state they would find a new life.


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