I think each and every houses should have a mailbox don't you think? There are mailboxes that are very well design that it looks like it is made to order ^_^ And mind you some that I have seen so far are just plain gorgeous. Aside from being gorgeous looking mail boxes it also add up the curb appeal of any house. I remember my step-daughter's mailbox is painted pink because it's her favorite color so when you visit her and look for her house you know that you are on the right house because of the mail box that is colored pink. I've been thinking this lately since one of my favorite color is yellow will I paint our  mailbox yellow too? Hmmm I think I have to ask hubby for that lol!
Lately, in our local newspaper there are a lot of vandalism in Residential mailboxes and Commercial mailboxes. It is very disheartening to see that some people like to vandalize other properties just by what,  having fun? What a stupid idea! Anyhow, the residents and other commercial owners did already reported it to the authorities and they asked to also try to monitor suspicious activity. Hmm I hope whoever is doing this stuff will be busted. ^_^


♥ Kathy said…
I want a cow mailbox lol
Manang Kim said…
Hi Kathy me I think I like to have a yellow flower mailbox haha.

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