Easy scholarship

So our family had just two newly fresh high school graduates and everybody is asking them about what will be their plans. Just like last night as we are having a cooked out at my step-daughters house, my step-daughters husband asked his son what would be his plan is he going to pursue college or look for a job. We are just smiling at Aaron because he is too shy to  say what is in his mind. Everybody is kind of teasing him at the same time trying to help or advice him for what ever is good at this time.  As we all knew that the economy this time is not good and we also knew that going to college takes a lot of money and as what I knew the least cost per year is $20,000!! But if people knew only that there are a lot of ways and means on how to go on college through easy scholarships, oh yes through scholarships and why not!! Remember if their is a will their is a way! ^_^


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