Dog food

Yesterday, we were at my DH son to see Lina (dog name) deliver her pups. Gush it was awesome watching Lina bore 5 healthy pups!! They are so cute and very tiny. Of course, I didn't try to hold it rather just keep my distance since I don't want Lina to feel intimidated. Hubby was surprise the pups are healthy and just really good looking. His son told us that he really gave Lina good dog gourmet treats most specially if Lina is following instruction from him. For me I approve the truth that if you have a dog it is just proper to give them real good food in order for them to be healthy and active. I didn't know that having a dog is like also having a baby hahaha. They had to be check up with their Veterinarian at least once a month and had to have dog gourmet treats all the time. Hubby and I are thinking of getting one puppy but want the pups to grow a little bit bigger before we bring one home. Happy weekend!


sewa mobil said…
love it!!! thanks

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