How time flies

Hello people of the blogging world. Don't you know we are in the middle of the year now? It's June and soon enough Summer will be gone then Fall came then Winter again? Time goes so fast that I sometimes think where does it all go? Anyhow, since it is also the time of garage sale, estate sale, moving sale or rummage sale this is the time to find good Christmas cards. Yup sometimes we can find good ones that is not even open!! Last year, I was in this store and find a 75% on sale Christmas cards I didn't hesitate to buy it immediately, that was almost a steal and they are the expensive ones so why not. This afternoon had to go shopping for tomorrows birthday party for my DH grandson and a baby shower gift for my DH granddaughter. Geez I would be  very busy this weekend but that is okey this is family thing so be it. Happy weekend!


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