Your phone

What is your first recollection about phone? My recollection about phone is that bulky black thing with 10 holes and it has 10 numbers on it. And when you dial you have to used your finger to run down lol! Well, at this time and generation though we still have see some of it but it would be consider antique. Nobody would disagree with me that we are already in the time zone of what we call high tech generation. phone systems is way different from before even 10 years ago. It is so fast pace generation that we can do everything and anything now in one little piece of high technology. Can anybody imagine even 10 years ago that we can already track down our bank balance in the phone? Or see where we are at the moment or even know where our friends are! There is nothing wrong with a fast pace world it's just that we have to use it in the right way. ^_^


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