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Every Sunday in church they have a weekly magazine and sometimes but not oftentimes hubby and I missed going to church. So what I did in order to see the announcement in our parish I go to our website. Then I was able to read all the announcements for the week. Oftentimes, in some announcements they required pdf opening. Thankfully, my laptop can do that fast and easy. But sometimes after reading andopening the pdf files I close the files without remembering the name of it. Thankfully, there is such thing as search pdf . With this it's very easy to access again the things you wanted to read again. I was thinking just now how easy life is now everything is within our reach and so why not be happy!! 


chubskulit said…
Hi ate, I just want to invite you on my nostalgia meme hehehe.. Hope you can join, it's every Thursday at Nostalgic Marveling blog..

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