The love or art

When I was in grade school I already knew I don't have the talent to draw. I can't even draw a straight line what more to draw a face!! But there are many people that I knew who has a talent of sketching or drawing faces, painting landscapes etc. For me it is a real talent, some people do enroll to just learn how to do the real thing but if a person doesn't have a talent I don't know if he/she will succeed. Anyway, because I don't have the chance to learn to draw, paint or sketch I do love to visit art galleries. And so I later knew that their are a lot of Fine Art Paintings For Sale online. The best part to buy online, you don't have to go anywhere that far just to get a fine art
to collect. And besides there are plenty of paintings to choose, you can't get enough, everything are just beautiful.


kat said…
i can only draw faces, i mean the whole head and faces pero sa body hindi waaaaaaa...hahaha

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