It's the time again to do the fast and furious kind of games here in MI. Well that is not what you think guys and gals. It's not about the car race but it's about skateboarding. After the long hiatus of the Winter season, our town playground is open for skateboarding. And kids here are so eager and can't wait to play and show their superb performance. Last week, I was in the library to picked up dvd's as I passed the town playground I see flying kids with their skateboard haha. It was so cool watching them from a distance. For sure their parents bought them a very durable kind of skateboards or else just one use it would broke! As I watched the kids playing I was thinking if I had a chance to do it, I then came to a realization that I am too late to do such rough plays. I'd settle to just be a spectator and giggle if somebody fell down hahaha. 


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