Remember my SIL who has a property in Arizona? Well they've not visited Arizona since she had her last heart attacked two years ago. And aside from her well being her husband is not also doing well. He don't want to get up nor walk for few yards he will complain his knee is giving him pain. And because of their physical discomfort they couldn't travel anymore much so to go visit their property in Arizona. So his son went last month to check and take necessary  things to be done in order for his parents property not be rotten or in worst case scenario vandalized. Good thing he found a very good company who manages your property if you can't do so and that is  Mesa Property Management. He told my hubby the other day that he was so happy about their services. They are really helping the people not to worry and they knew what they are doing. And because of that my SIL and her husband were not too worried now they knew their property is in good hands. 


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