Mantel clock

Wow I never thought today is too rainy! Hubby and I had an schedule of doing something today but it seems that we can't go out it's too messy and nasty outside. Aside from the thunder that I don't like I also don't like the messy road haha! Anyhow, since it's raining outside it is so nice to just read a good book or watch a super horror movie/suspense thriller so it won't stay too cold around the house and my electrifying voice will create hotness inside the house lol!! Yesterday, hubby and I visited his sister's new house. Gushness they had a very beautiful mantel clocks, it's beautiful I wanted to have one lol! I was seating on their new couch facing the clock I can't keep my eyes away from looking at it. It's just beautiful and hopefully in due time I can have one of those. Maybe next year?


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