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Growing up in the Philippines I remember too well that it is a taboo to talk about dying or what to do when a person is dying or preparing your own funeral. It was a big no, no and growing up we always shun from that discussion within the family circle. I lost my father 20 years ago and my mother 10 years ago but never at those times we never discussed any plans about what to do with the funeral, what kind of casket should be purchase, where is the burial site and so on and so forth. Why because it is a taboo to talk about it. But when my mother died and I was left alone to handle everything, it was so stressful and so draining because I have to think everything as in literally everything!! Then I realize it was not bad talking and preparing about what to do in this kind of event in the family. It is very much okey to prepare and plan ahead of time so the people or loved ones who are left behind will not have a headache on what to do. 
When I got here in the US thankfully people here are so open and broadminded. My hubby and I talked about everything and anything under the sun including where to get an affordable casket or aluminum urns in case we wanted to be buried or cremated. The first time we talked about death and preparation I cried and cried, it still inculcated in my mind that it is scary and not okey to talked about it. But later on I manage to overcome that mentality and that is why hubby and I and some relatives here in the US talked about it more openly. The other day we found out that our neighbor lost her husband and that is why we are going to a funeral this afternoon. My SIL who is a friend of our neighbor told us about how she ordered an american made caskets online. She told us it was dependable it was delivered on time and the family who are in pain over the loss were stress free because they are in good hands. 


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