Mellow Yellow Monday- An Angel

Last Sunday, I attended a bridal shower at my step-daughter's house and what I noticed in their window is this angel hanging on the window sill. It is so pretty I did took a picture immediately!

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When the angels come,
welcome them with song and dance,
for they come to bless.

Choose some yellow:
Wind-blown flowers
life's journey said…
Looks pretty. Happy mellow yellow Monday.
fredamans said…
That is a beautiful angel! Great shot!
very beautiful angel...great shot :)
Gattina said…
Looks very decorative !
Willa said…
It is pretty indeed! Taking a picture of him is a good idea :)
Carly said…
wow, that is beautiful and it looks great with the back-light!
Beautiful angel and perfectly shot.

Darryl and Ruth : )
Ann said…
the angel came to the party. It will be a long life time togetherness.
Dave said…
Thanks for sharing and thank you for dropping by my page.
What a beautiful photo... I love the composition. I bet it makes a great sparkle in the house when the sun shines throuh it. What a blessing.
Liz @ MLC said…
That is truly beautiful.

Thanks for visiting my entry. :)

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