Hermle clock

Hubby and I went grocery shopping today and we went to three different stores. One thing that make me worn out is when we go grocery hopping but it has to be like that because some of the stuff that we need is higher than in another store, that is why we store hop. We were in this huge store when I saw this beautiful hermle clock. I just wonder how much was it they are just so gorgeous. As I look closely it has a wall clock too and they are just so pretty. I told hubby I need to have a grandfather clock because it just suit in our living room, women knew what to put inside their home right? Knowing hubby he just nod and who knows a grandfather clock could be here soon, for mother's day right?


Your husband is lucky that you at least hint at things you want. That makes it easier for him to buy the right gift! I wish my husband would leave hints like that!
♥ Kathy said…
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

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