It's my 44th birthday today!

Well yes HELLO everyone, it's my 44th birthday today! Hmmm yup I don't want to make it secret with my age, I am 44 as of today lol!! I am very thankful to God that through all those years, through thick and thin sorrows and joys in life I come up fine. I am so thankful that I have a very good husband and a family back in Pinas and here in the US. I am also thankful to all my friends here and abroad who greets me and wishes me good health and good life. 
What woke me up this morning is a birthday song hubby sung and a tight hug and a sealed kiss ^_^. While outside is a loud thunder, lightning and heavy rain is what I'd heard too. Then at 9:00 am hubby and I went to hear mass at the St. Anne Church. I feel so good on my birthday I was able to hear mass, it was fulfilling. For me it is more than having a party ^_^.  Then we had our breakfast date at Bob Evans, hubby asked me what I want for my birthday, I said none! For me going to the mass and thanking God and the people around me in prayers that I've reach this age is what makes me happy and that is fine with me. 


Clarissa said…
Happy Birthday,Ate Kim!!May all your wishes come true!Best wishes po!btw,kalabaw lang ang tumatanda lol!Love yah!^_^

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