Fiberglass planters

It's beautiful day today. Hubby and I went out for awhile and while we are at the mall we saw this beautiful fiberglass planters along the side walk. I was really amaze how beautiful each fiberglass planter is and the flowers inside are all in full bloom. I kept on telling hubby that, that is what I need to put in front of our house. Besides it is beautiful fiber glass planters don't rot immediately, it will take forever for us to use it. As we roam around the mall I saw different sizes and colors of fiber glass planter and every time I saw one I am so determined to have those in our house. 
DH asked me as we headed home what I am going to plant in my fiber glass planter, I told him I might plant some herbs in different kinds and if it is winter I would just bring inside or put it in the basement so those herbs will not wither or die. I love plants that is why when I see beautiful planters in any shape, sizes and form or even color I am so eager to know where to buy it or how much it cost because my mind will already wonders what to plants to put inside. Right now the seeds that I planted last week is already growing. Each little pot has it's tiny plants and since this week is sunny I might plant some of them but have to be sure there will be no more frost. And I hope there will be no more frost. Crossing my fingers!


Rafael said…
waw that's cool, i also love plants, my room is full of them

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