ABC Wednesday~ L

                                   It's another round of ABC Wednesday and this week letter is letter L!
                                                                 A Lighted  candle

                                                                     A LIGHT

                                             My favorite show LOST which I am also lost lol!

                                                             My favorite fruit LYCHEES

                          My LIPSTICK's, i wonder why women can't have just one lipstick ^_^

        Body LOTION's and foot LOTION's I don't understand why the body lotion and foot lotion are separate? 
         Anyhow I am enjoying this letter and taking picture of my personal stuff lol! Happy Wednesday to all!
                                                 More to see here at ABC Wednesday


Sylvia K said…
What a great collection of L words for the day! Great post! Hope you you have a great week! Enjoy!

Carol said…
You've posted some good L's...those lipsticks look lucious...
RuneE said…
I think I prefer the lipsticks - the indirect form of application...
great Ls, tho LOST loses me.
On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!- Ramblin' with Roger
Paula Scott said…
You are on a roll! My husband and son are watching Lost right now as I type this!
Great shots! Great set of Ls!
Wanda said…
Love all your "L" ~~ I like your tubes of lipstick! Nice colors.
Willa said…
wow! L overload and I so Love your Lighted candLe, at first, I thought it's fire :)
Serline said…
Wonderful L's. I want that can of Lychees. It's my favorite fruit too!
fredamans said…
Great L Collection!
Joy said…
No I've never understood that body/hand/face/foot thing about lotions either. I love seeing other countries food packaging, Tasty Joy promises a lot.
Tumblewords: said…
Lots of nifty L photos! I've never seen Lost but someone mentioned that she was hooked on it, so I may take a look! Good post!
Beverley Baird said…
So many great L items! I've never tried lychee. What is it like?
Watched Lost for a couple of seasons.
A great collection of "L", I especially like the photo of the candle.
Anna said…
"Light", "Lost", "Lychees", "lipstick" and "lotion", all great L-words that I did not even think of!
Nice post!
Thank you for visiting my earlier posts. I am very late this week.
Happy Weekend!

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