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Since I have a new laptop I bid goodbye to window XP and say hello to Windows 7. Well because I am so new to windows 7 and I am already too used to windows XP I had a hard time figuring all the new functions of windows 7. But with everyday tinkering with my new lappy I did figure out some of the very beautiful function of windows 7. Then, in my facebook I am into this game social city. It was a new game and people there are super gaga to play that game and so am I. But then I have a problem with my connection to that game, it oftentimes slow down or just froze the whole system. And since I am the kind of person who won't say never at all. I searched for an answer. One  gamer in social city says that after he downloaded google chrome he didn't experience slow connection or computer freeze and no more error or sync pop up at social city. When I got my new lappy I immediately downloaded firefox but because of one game I did change my browser I   download google chrome!
And the rest is history, I like google chrome now. I can play the game social city with no errors or sync. The one thing also that I like google chrome is that when I visited a website to a certain blogger and it has  malware it immediately kicked me out and a pop up message will tell me that the site has a malware, is that so cool??!! That is why some of the websites of my friends here in blogosphere I can't visit -sad- because of that reason. 


Gattina said…
I like Google Chrome too. In fact I use both, Firefox and Google Chrome, Internet Explorer I gave up, it doesn't work well. I like Window 7 too, besides that the presentation of the folders is a little different, I haven't noticed anything else, lol.
♥ Kathy said…
A blogger has malware?? How scary! Maybe they don't know about should send them an email and tell them. It could be something in their template that they are unaware of! I use firefox but I've read a lot about the google chrome and have thought about trying it.

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