ABC Wednesday~M

This is our splitter MACHINE
                                                       Heading to MACKINAC Bridge
                                                      Here is the MACKINAC Bridge

The famous Cabo Wabo MARGARITA

                                               More of letter M's at ABC Wednesday


Sylvia K said…
Great collection of M words for the day!! Love the bridge and, of course, the margarita!!! Hope you have a lovely week!

Pretty drink; feeling tipsy already.
But not while crossing that bridge, which is lovely.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team
Anonymous said…
I love mangoes! ;-)

Changnoi said…
We eat mangoes before ripe and dip in salt and chilli flakes.
Stan Ski said…
Love that bridge pic!
Carolyn Ford said…
All so good, BUT, that margarita is really looking good!
Beverley Baird said…
What great photos for M.
Had my first marguerita in Mexico a few weeks ago! Yum!
photowannabe said…
Ummmm Mangos. I love them. Good post for M.
Serline said… favorite!
Jayne said…
Love that shot of the bridge because it reminds me of holidays in the US - those very long bridges are just not something we have here.

Have a great week. :)
Ann said…
do you use a wood burner?

The mangoes are really nice. Do you have them in USA?
Sh@KiR@ CK said…
I love mangoes and margaritas!
Have you a great week now.
Mar said…
Mackinac Island is on my August list :)
Great choices for M

M is for more...
marina said…
Nice collection of Ms for this challenge. Great mango shot!
magiceye said…
wonderful takes on the theme!
loved the bridge pic!
Jama said…
I love mangoes! Imported from other countries like Thailand and Phillipines . Once I bought a box full of them from Manila, hand carried!
Gattina said…
What a variety of M's !
Robin said…
Mmmm... I love mangoes!

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