It's the time again..

Last summer I had fun going to other places because of trade show exhibits and craft shows. A friend of mine invited me to go with her because she had so much stuff to display and she wanted some help. So I went with her and help her but to my amazement everything was already put up like her table covers and she even had the famous directors chairs which is very comfortable because the whole day I was there, I seated on that chair when we are not busy. As if I am the owner lol!
Trade show booth are very important because it is the mainstay of any trade show exhibits or craft shows. And if you don't have a nice and presentable table booth who would like to see your product. And so the table covers, though some exhibitors don't put table covers but some do prefer to have it for more nice looking show booth. My friend prefer a table covers that are easy to put up and are colorful and can be printed of by any kind of logo. Then I asked  also noticed her table top display  it does in no doubt make her stuff more attractive than the others lol! This morning as I was cleaning the kitchen she called me and told me if I like to go with her again in showing her stuff and of course selling them. I said I am all set when ever and where ever she likes to go I will help her. That is what friends are for, right?


♥ Kathy said…
That IS what friend are for :) I love directors dad had one in the den that I always sat in!

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