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I have been a college graduate 25 years ago. After graduation I took a CPA board exam but unfortunately I was not able to passed. But what makes it a little bit painful is that you know where was your fault and to know that it  only takes 1 point to passed the exam, gush! Anyhow, after months of reviewing then the exam I went home and look for a job. This time I was fortunate a friend of my Aunt did call her that the company she worked with is hiring. So I went to this city and applied. In my resume, of course, I put I just took a CPA board exam, and at that time the Accountant of the company was there! The boss asked the company accountant to interview me and he only did not interview me he did gave me an examination in oral and written lol! But since I was fresh from the review and examination I did passed his grueling interview/examination. I stayed in that company for 9 years and it was a happy one for me. 
Now, here in the US, I was thinking of building my career again. But I don't know where to start. I was thinking of going back to school for a career change but what course I am going to take? Could it be in line with my degree or another course? But many also told me why not try to apply in line with my degree but one thing though I really really need a career advice. I also don't like to get a job and I am not enjoying it. That would just be an everyday drag on myself and might also manifest in my workplace, right? Thankfully, yesterday my SIL called me from Texas and she told me to look for a career advancement help because that is what her daughter did. This career advancement that my SIL  is talking is the one who helped you how to make good resume how to find a job. And her daughter always landed in a good job even though she transfered from state to state. I was awed by that and so I am determined to do the same. ^_^


Kala said…
Good luck with your career choices, I know it can be challenging!

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