Wall clocks

Yay we have a very good weather this week and it's all above freezing. Well here in MI if in Winter time the temperature reaches to 50F we are already happy about it, it is warm!! And today the weather channel says we are going to reach up to 60F is that so amazing in Winter time hope nobody is kidding right? Anyhow, it's been my desire to paint our walls. It's been all white through all the years and I am so tired of it. The other day I told hubby that I am going to paint it as I was the one who painted our bathroom last year. Hubby told me to wait for Spring since we are using fire stove for heating he don't like to paint while  there is a heat inside.
I basically agree to what he says though. Spring is cleaning time and so before I clean up I had to finish painting the walls. That is what occurred to me then that I need a new wall clocks. Yup we don't have beautiful wall clocks and it is kind of weird. Of course, we have table clocks but we should have wall clocks. I told hubby about it and he too was surprised we don't have one lol!!  


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