Hermit crab

Since I was young I've been fascinated of an aquarium. Every time I see one I am always drawn at it. I went last week to my step-daughters house and in their basement they have four huge aquarium. I had a good time taking pictures with different fishes, crabs and colorful corals and they are just awesome. As I was staring there a thought came to my mind does the fish sleep? I just wonder lol!
So with the thought still lurking in my mind, I asked my step-daughter if  a fish or crabs sleep. Well, most of the people answered Yes, so I guess they do sleep but how? I found out that they do sleep but they don't go down at the bottom of the sea to do it they just float, hmmm sounds cool. Anyhow, since I just wonder the many huge aquarium of my step-daughter owned I asked her who clean all of those things. She told me her husband do all the cleaning because I can't figure it out if she can do all the cleaning alone it is just a  hard work, specially those tiny hermit crabs. Luckily her husband love to have an aquarium too and Hermit Crab Care is not a problem to him. That my step-daughter is thankful of lol!


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