Greenville, SC

Every morning hubby is the one who cooked for our breakfast. Lucky me huh!! This morning we are discussing about how much we pay for our winter and summer tax. And we also discussed our car and house insurance. In totality I told him it ended up we hardly can't save because it just go to taxes or insurances. We are talking about downsizing too, there is only him and me and I don't care if  we live in a smaller house or a two room apartment or a condo I just don't care. Because it feels  that the money that you tried to save it goes to other extra payments and it's kind of hard to think about it.
That is why I suggested hubby to try to find Greenville SC Real Estate as a place to start with. I like the place in the very beginning. It is not too cold in Winter time and not to hot in summer just so love the place. I knew hubby doesn't want to be uprooted here in MI but I  like to have more money in the bank than live here without no saving at all. ^_^


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