Last night,  I was so happy and at the same time a bit sad because I chatted with my nephew. A bit sad because I missed my nieces and nephew so much I wanted to fly to the Philippines immediately. And very happy because I chatted with him and I found out that he knew how to chat already. Though we didn't see each other through the web cam but we chatted for awhile  and that makes me happy. Along our conversation he asked me about Winther Tricycle. I asked him where he knew about it and he says he just saw it from the internet and some kids also had it in our place. He told me that his two younger sister wanted to have those Winther Tricycle and so I told them that I have to see it for myself. This morning at my SIL house I saw one of the Winther Tricycle and it is very colorful and at the same time sturdy for kids to play.That is what I wanted to buy for my nieces and nephew.


Tricia said…
Cute little tricycle - are you living in MI now? I am in MI. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate the comment. Hope you have a wonderful week.

siromade08 said…
very cute bicycle, oh it's tricycle coz 3

Every kids really want to have one, even i have one when i was a kid.

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