Algebra on a run..

I so love to hear stories of people who love math lol!  I meet this girl who happened to LOVE math as I like recess time ^_^. I already had a job at time as an accounting clerk and she was in her 3rd year Bachelor of Science in Education major in Math, duh!! I had so many questions about math specially Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 .  She told me that math is just like learning English I told her are you not kidding me? And she said yes, she taught me one technique on how to multiply number with a lot of zeros and I got it right away. I also asked her if our teacher is the one who is the culprit why many kids don't like math. And she says yes! My eyes popped out because I knew before since high school that some of our teachers are mean they don't like to help Algebra 1 problems and Algebra 2 problems to be answered by their students and I could attest to that. One time we had this transferee kid and he happens to be very smart in Math. He can correct our Math teacher his method in solving the problem. Our Algebra teacher like the hard way while my classmate solved it the simplest way.  Since then our Math teacher has a way of explaining Algebra but still he remains a terror to us. 
I graduated high school 1982 and geez that is a long time. I was thinking if I get back to school and knowing that there will be a math subject in the course I am going to take,can I make it? My step-daughter who is back in school told me that there is no problem in those area because there is an  Algebra 1 help and Algebra 2 help I could find if I really wanted it.  And she continued to say  that it is just easy because now the teaching method is different and  we can find Algebra 1 answers and Algebra 2 answers any time I so want. Well I am thinking about it for so many months now I so like to go back to school in order to land a good paying job. Crossing my fingers in this matter!! ^_^


Tracy F. said…
This brings back memories! I hated math and was horrible in the subject. Had to go to summer school and still didn't get it! Have a husband and daughter who have heads like calculators!

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