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One thing that I love to do is to travel. With my camera in tow I so love to travel locally, around the country and also abroad. I like to hear people talk after they got from their vacation abroad and what is very funny is  listening about their stories. My DH nephew just got home from a month long vacation in Italy. My eyes popped put when I heard Italy, I so love that place. In our conversation as they shared their stories they had a hard time understanding their language, of course!! They don't have nobody to translate the language for them. So they ended up doing sign language hahaha. 
It was so funny while listening to them because hubby had an experienced to that too when he went to visit me in the Philippines. In doing some translation for him so he could understand me too well, he had a hard time understanding what I say. I sometimes got so frustrated because he can't grasp what I told him to do lol!! It was not easy of course, coming from the US and all of a sudden he heard different language it was kind of foreign to him so he just set back and let me do all the translating lol!. 
Last month, my step-son who works in one of the auto industry here in MI, went to China for work. I told him if they are given a crash course on how to speak Chinese, he said nada! But he told us that the company in China will provide them a translator which is really good for I knew that China doesn't have only one dialect but a lot. Right now he was talking to his job and he like it there. He is so thankful of his translator because he can wander around the city and enjoy the food and scenery.


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