Skateboard time..

Last Winter Olympics I was having a good time watching almost all the games played by superb athletes in the world.  One of my favorite is the figure skating and of course my bet wins the gold medal. But what fascinate me is how they performed so gracefully. Both the woman and the man are like swans in the middle of the pond they are just so gorgeous to watched.  In moment like this I can't help but dreamed too. I so dream that I too can figure skate and make good at it. Today, hubby and  I went for grocery shopping and it so happened that the next lot is the school ground. The weather today was so beautiful it reached to 52F and here in Michigan everybody is happy about it. You could see people wearing flip flops already and geez kids are playing their skateboards already!! I am sure, who just like me who likes gardening, can't wait for spring and summer to come. I saw the kids flip flopping on board with their colorful skateboards it was so awesome to watched them. When we were at the parking lot, we stopped for awhile and watched them do their stunts ^_^. They all have very  colorful skateboards and they played like a pro.I think it takes a lot of effort and time to master it but for me they are all good. Hope in the long run nobody will gonna break any bones, ouch!


I amire all talant doesn't matter how big or small.
Skating is something how graceful considering how narrow those blades are.

Coffee is on.

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