How many know about recycling and what to recycle. How many people don't do recycling? It is kind of a bummer to me if I see a plastic bag, plastic bottle, or any stuff that is hard to decay floats in the creek or on the lake or along the beach. I don't understand why people can't keep it and put it in a right place. And those plastic don't decomposed  that fast it takes years maybe centuries or maybe million years to happen. Sometimes, I think people are so naive they don't care but I do. 
My classmate in high school who lives in Sydney, Australia told me the other day about recycling. I told her that I too love doing it. I am always kind of having a concern about what to do with empty bottles, empty plastic bags, dead batteries and old paints. Thankfully, our waste disposal company here  has a recycling can. My classmate is also thankful  that  she too had it from recycling services Sydney.
When she knew that they had such services in her area she never hesitate to ask for their services. Skip bin hire Sydney appeases her. She is the kind of person who is over gaga about recycling and I don't blame here we came out from a background who loves nature. I remember when we were in high school and our school asked us to bring every Monday, old newspapers, empty bottles. She was the number one on the teachers list as the number on contributor lol!! We laugh when we remember those times it was worth doing it.


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