H is for Hairdo

My H for this week is HAIRDO. The model of this one is my niece. I took this picture last year and she was just too willing to show me her hairdo. I used to like this kind of hairdo when I was in grade school too. Now I don't know if I like it lol!! Too old for a funky HAIRDO ^_^
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Wanda said…
What a very nice Hairdo! Someone took some time for this.

Nice use of the letter "H"
Paula Scott said…
My scalp would hurt before too long! The things we put with when we are young!
It is a lovely hairdo - just the thing for a young girl. I expect that it hurts after a while though. Great H post.
Stan Ski said…
My daughter often wears her hair like this,
Carly said…
wow, that looks time consuming, but super cute and I am sure great for the playground.
looks labor-intensive, but cute.

My wife just came from the hair salon; I made a point of noticing.

On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you! - Ramblin' with Roger
Jama said…
A very nice hairdo!
Monika said…
such a cute hairdo
Spiderdama said…
Wonderful harido!:-)
Joy said…
Oh yes I bet she was proud of that, cute. Experimenting with hair is definitely a small girls top priority.
Beverley Baird said…
What a cute hairdo! That must have taken a lot of time.

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