Sea side dream....

Last night I dreamt  I was somewhere in a tropical place. The sun is warm the air breeze is cool and I am surrounded with coconut and palm trees, sipping a cold mango juice, and then flop! Gone is my dream I was back to the cold Michigan night whoaaa!!
But I have nothing to complain really. Yesterday, our weather temperature reaches to above 60F and mind you in Michigan if we have that kind of temperature it feels like summer hahaha. I was in shorts and flip flops, if only the ground is not wet and mushy I love to go around the backyard and checked my plants. But still the ground is wet and so I was still confined just inside the house. But even if we experienced a good March winter weather, I  am still aching to visit South Carolina, it is because I heard a lot of beautiful stories about Myrtle Beach Hotel. Well, my step-daughter and her whole family just been in Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel last month and the whole family loves it. That is the other day when my step-daughter came to visit us and showed us their pictures I am so envious!!! Just by looking at the picture it is awesome, she told her Dad to really go and visit Myrtle Beach  and look for a good deal in Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels because that is how they find a good deal for the whole family.
I just stared my hubby a stare that says come on we gonna have to go down and enjoy the winter along the sea side so my dream would come true ^_^.


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