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I've been chatting with my niece right now and every time we chatted I am so happy. It is because I knew how  they are  doing but also I like to know they are all fine and in good health. It's the month of March and in the Philippines it is the end of the school year so she asked money  for their tuition fee. I asked her if the two renters downstairs do help in her budget every month and she said yes.  It makes me happy to learn that at least we had another income to suffice the daily needs of my family back home.
Today, hubby and I are talking about looking for a homes for rent somewhere in Florida or any other state. You see in Winter time here in MI it is very cold and we only use for heating a fire stove. I so like fire stove because it is warm inside the house  but it seems that hubby is already tired of getting wood this coming spring and summer. That is why he is suggesting and it is my desire too, to look for a homes for rent just for winter. I don't know it there is such a thing like that but I won't stop from looking. His state of choice is Florida he likes to be in a warm place in winter and hubby told me in Florida there are many things to do. Well, for me as long as we are safe and what we are looking for will be fulfill I don't care what state to go to.


Troy said…
We do have some cold winters here, but I love Michigan! There is so much natural beauty to see and enjoy.

I have only lived here 11 years, but I just couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

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