I don't know if I consider myself a thinking but I do think a lot or shall I say love to reflect a lot. One of what I think is that what if I am old who gonna take care of me? Hmmm that is a good question hehe. In the Philippines old parents are being taken by their daughter or son to live with them. But here in the US your children are the one who choose what nursing home you gonna live, oh no!! So because I don't have a child ore children I opted to retire to the Philippines that is my grand plan lol!!
Anyhow, why I think about this, is because my DH eldest sister is so blessed to be loved so much by her son. She was in the hospital for how many times, had a heart bypassed surgery and because of that his son and wife took the parents out from their home and live with them. They live on the ground floor of the house but since the parents are old they can't climb the stairs that much. So what the son did he renovated the second floor of the house give them a good place of their own and added the best walk-in bathtub.
I was there last Sunday and I am so amazed by how pretty their place turned out to be. They are so pampered I couldn't believe their are still children who can do that to their parents. Having a walk in bathtub in their cozy place is a must since my SIL fell down several times inside the bathroom. I couldn't wait for them to transfer and enjoy their new place. Of course I will be there to help them arrange and clean up.


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