Christmas cactus

It's not anymore Christmas season but my Christmas cactus is blooming a lot of flowers. I took a close up photo and here is what I got.
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Ralph said…
A christmas cactus gives such beautiful flowers. Alas, in our case, our cats thought that the flowers tasted delicious...
Felisol said…
Christmas cactus in March, that's great. The flowers are so beautiful, I could see them all around the calendar.
Beautiful macro pictures.
Lindz said…
very nice red, I used to ahve one of those too.
Jama said…
It's so lovely, even though I don't know what Christmas Cactus looks like.
Ricepatty said…
Oh lovely Christmas Cactus - red no doubt - mine is hot pink and it is still blooming today!
chubskulit said…
This is gorgeous ate kim.

Red Gloves
First time ko nakarinig ng name ng plant na yan and I love the pretty red flowers too!
fickleinpink said…
that is very interesting plant name!

have a great day!

here's mine:
Flying Coaster
Eaton Bennett said…
Gorgeous Christmas Cactus. They look magnificent when the whole plant is in flower. :))

My RT is on Silently Mine
Anonymous said…
Lovely macro reds.
Marice said…
christmas cactus? havent heard of that! looks interesting!

u may view mine here
fredamans said…
Lovely macro shots!
Robin said…
Very pretty :).
~~Carol~~ said…
Lovely! My silly Christmas cactus is starting to bloom now too. Only about 3 months late! Oh well, I enjoy it whenever it decides to bloom!
Happy REDnesday!
Sandy said…
This is so pretty, my Christmas cactus never blooms anymore...I have tried everything, it is outside right now beacuse it gets really cold at night, but it doesn't come close to freezing....I was told that would make it luck yet!
I love Christmas cactuses - they're so beautiful!
Melody said… thinks it's an Easter Cactus. Don't tell it or you'll scare the blooms off.
The blossom is beautiful. I have a Christmas cactus that hasn't bloomed for a while. I hope when it does that it looks this pretty!

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