Camping bed

Wohoo sun is bright and the air breeze is just right. I went outside early and soak myself with the sun light and I feel so good. In the Philippines we don't want to go outside to soak the sun no way, lol!! But here in MI I feel sun light deprived because of the long Winter season but this time it's quite different. It's only March but the temperature is above 35F this past few days and today we are going to get 60F. Leaving here in MI, and if it is Winter time 60F is already like tropical hahaha.  You see people wear shorts and t-shirts and their flip-flops. And people drive their heavy duty motorcycle.
Yesterday, I asked hubby if I can already plant flowers he said no it is still not time for planting. So I told him we can't camp at this time of year yet, and he said NO! But oh well we have a motor home and I like to hang inside though I am only a few feet from the house lol. The motor home is just park at the backyard ^_^. Anyhow, I told him I like to go around locally this year, and that he have to have the best camping air mattress for me! I remember our last camping, the first night we are laughing our heart out hubby and I couldn't sleep because the bed that we use is not comfortable the next night we ended up at the hotel room.  My DH's children pretty much love to do camping and in doing so they have several air mattresses but I guess they never have the best camping air mattress because as far as I could remember nothing that I feel comfortable in any of them. That is why I suggested hubby to take a look to where to get the best camping air mattress so by the time we go camping it is already ready and that we do feel comfortable at night. Remember camping is fun and so our air mattresses too. 


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