Potential residents

They said that Michigan is really in bad shape because of what happened to our auto industry, well that is partly right though. Since the slow down of the economy I heard a lot of horror stories about people  losing jobs and after that losing their homes. I also observed for at least 3 years now that sign like home for sale are sprouting like mushroom all around town. I am so thankful that we are still living in our house. Hubby don't like the idea of transferring from one place to another except living in Detroit or San Francisco. We now live here in Michigan and so far everything is just doing fine. Everyday is a new day and tightening the belt is what we are doing right now.
My friend who lives in San Francisco are looking for their first home. After searching San Francisco homes for sale they were on the road house hunting. What is funny is that,  she thought it is easy to go house hunting but after several houses that they visited she was already exhausted. But they had  fun she told me , they already had some houses in mind and they are going to visit it again for another look. They are thankful that looking for houses now are that easy and that San Francisco homes for sale helps them a lot. She can't wait to transfer to their own abode, I am very happy for her because she's been waiting for this time to come.


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